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The Domino Marionettes

Posted on 20 May 2009 at 2:59 pm in Coursework.

I recently used PBWorks, a “Web 2.0″ tool with wiki-like options for collaborative content creation to build an online environment to collect and annotate information about a collection of puppets and marionettes in my parent’s possession, originally crafted for performance by my great-grandfather, William R. Ransom, and grandfather, Charles F. Ransom. It serves as an experiment in family archival practices, applicable to genealogical pursuits, family archiving and similar work to be performed by a small working group. The resulting site can be seen here.

The website will live on and continue to expand as I explore the subject further and discover more information on the history of the Domino Marionettes. We’ve only scratched the surface of Charles Ransom’s manuscripts. Eventually, I foresee hosting full scripts of his plays and scholarly writing on puppetry as part of a family archive, as well as his photographs and sketches of stage and controller designs. As the strings get fixed, I would like to host videos of marionette movement and articulation. YouTube makes that easy to do (especially in a webpage that welcomes HTML editing). I would also like to host more links to external scholarly sources on puppetry and that era to provide greater context on the Domino Marionettes, especially as some of their collaborators went on to noteworthy careers. The website will definitely remain in flux as it gets improved and expanded by both my fellow contributors and myself.

Please take a look and relay your thoughts!