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Diptych: Water

Posted on 20 January 2010 at 6:57 pm in Photography.


1. Anything folded, so as to have two leaves; esp. a two-leaved, hinged tablet of metal, ivory or wood, having its inner surfaces covered with wax, used by the ancients for writing with the stylus.

b. spec. (in pl.) Applied to the artistically wrought tablets distributed by the consuls, etc. of the later Empire to commemorate their tenure of office; hence transferred to a list of magistrates.

2. Eccl. (in pl.) Tablets on which were recorded the names of those of the orthodox, living and dead, who were commemorated by the early Church at the celebration of the eucharist. Hence, The list or register of such names; the intercessions in the course of which the names were introduced.

3. An altar-piece or other painting composed of two leaves which close like a book.

–Oxford English Dictionary

In art and photography, the diptych is the juxtaposition of two images or works together, by the same artist, with the hope that one illuminates the other (the triptych is the same concept rendered in threes). Photographers and bloggers Kellee Pigeon and Miss Grace have created a weekly challenge in which they collaborate on the creation of a photographic diptych. Each takes one photo independent of the other but on the the same general theme — light one week, paper another…once it was green. They then post the images paired together on each of their blogs. The original project description can be found on the blog Not So Small Things.

They have invited other bloggers to follow suit, and I am happy to say that @uncola — photographer, archivist, and author of .intense.drama — has agreed to partner with me.

Our first subject is water. Her image is the second one.

Diptych Project - Water

Be sure to visit Miss Grace’s Disgrace to see their take on the same concept, and find links to other bloggers taking part in the challenge.