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Playing Dress-up

Posted on 31 December 2009 at 9:18 pm in Musings.

I’ve been remiss on recapping the card catalog cocktail party! Some two-dozen current or recent SLIS graduates assembled at our house a few weeks ago to celebrate the newest set of MLIS-degree recipients. And to put an entertaining twist on things, we all (well, most of us) dressed up in our best stereotypical librarian garb for the occasion.

My attempt to go a more formal route was undone by Tom and his husband Mike, who forced me to wear Dame Edna-esque cat-eye glasses, but I was impressed by the efforts of many of my peers. Of course, at least two party-goers declined to participate in the official costume contest on the basis that that’s exactly how they usually dress. Of course, I’m equally guilty. In the run-up to the party, my wife was surprised to see me changing clothes — since I had been already wearing an argyle sweater.

Here’s an assorted few photos:

15537_201875832893_668027893_3190485_4559520_nNot actually prescription glasses.

15537_201876122893_668027893_3190516_2121159_nYes, that’s exactly how Adina usually dresses.

IMG_9099I wouldn’t dare complain about my overdue fines to Carolyn.

IMG_9100Tawnie went with pink argyle and knee-high stockings.

IMG_9104Sjuli went classy with fancy footwear and a pearl necklace.

IMG_9106Greg stepped up as resident guybrarian.

Ironically, with all those MLIS-holders present, the winner isn’t a librarian at all, but rather my wife’s co-worker and best friend Anastasia, who came as an austere, stern shusher:


Her grand prize was a set of argyle-and-skull stockings, which she promptly added to her look:


The runners-up each won their very own stub-length pencil. To which Tom (a page at an SFPL branch) responded, “It’s my job to stock those!”.

Happy New Year’s, by the way…

Cataloging Cocktails

Posted on 7 December 2009 at 9:59 pm in Musings.

This Friday night, my wife and I will be hosting some thirty-odd current and alumni students from San Jose State’s School of Library and Information Science for a graduation party in honor of all those who’ve completed their degrees this Fall (which, yes, includes me).

I’ve always been amused by the defensiveness I see from some quarters when it comes to “stereotypes” about librarians. Of course I understand the argument about how changing technology and information needs are altering the nature of the MLIS degree, and I know the core skills of the librarian are constantly in evolutionary flux. My own skillset, interests and education are all reflective of a 21st century librarian. But since when did a good argyle sweater become something to be ashamed of? Heck, even pop stars are mimicking librarian style these days (and I rock a good argyle whenever I can).

So for this party, we’re organizing a bit of a throwback: we’ll give a special doorprize to the best librarian “drag” worn by an attendee — sweater vests, lead-pencil hair buns, the works. And I borrowed a typewriter, bought some index cards,  and pulled out the hole punch to create a cocktail menu on a set of catalog cards:

Complete Set

Of course, cocktails aren’t something you’d typically catalog for a library. So I used a little creative license: “The Great Gatsby” has been cataloged under its namesake novel’s Dewey Decimal call number, and the Library of Congress Subject Headings for the “Bloody Mary” have more to do with an English monarch than they do tomato juice. Here’s the complete set (10, one for each class under the DDC):

e-Portfolio Complete

Posted on 16 November 2009 at 7:46 am in Coursework.

My academic e-Portfolio, representing my culminating experience with San José State University’s School of Library and Information Science, has been approved. I will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science this December. The complete project is available on this website, either by clicking on the e-Portfolio tab on the top right of this page, or through the navigation links on the left column.

With that project now complete, I will be able to resume blogging on a more frequent basis.

Feedback is most welcome. Thank you.